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laguna_b's Journal

The Real O.C - Laguna Beach
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LAGUNA B Created on July 10th, 2005. This community is based on the mtv reality tv show, Laguna Beach, and is open to every and all fans of the show. I, personally, will post news, updates, pics/graphics, etc, periodically. Like the show? Like what you see so far? Please join! Members may post comments, pics, news, anything related to the show..

NO MAJOR RULES, just please be respectful. Also, if you happen to take any graphics made by me (prepswagger) please credit the community. (if anyone else posts any, credit them) I would prefer that non-members don't take any. So please join first, then take many as u'd like. PROMOTING: is okay for only other LAGUNA BEACH related communties. just don't overdo it.. easy :)*


Meet the Cast / Second Season: coming soon..

MUSIC Listen to music from the show.
Theme Song: Hilary Duff - Come Clean
Check the complete listing of music from every episode here.

AFFILIATES = fashionista_lo lb_ladies

PROMOTING is not a must, but it would be great to do :) Here are some icons i made to promote the community. (both are 140 x 100)