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laguna news!!

From Toto: Any Laguna scoop?
On Friday, I met up with Taylor and (blonde) Morgan down at the LRG warehouse. LRG is a clothing line that just opened its division for girls, so Taylor and Morgan met there to pick out clothes. Everything was free! So lucky! I heard a lot about all the perks of being a Laguna kid. Taylor had just come back from a trip to Puerto Vallarta with Talan. Apparently, these kids get flown all over the country (and outside of it) to make appearances, and they get paid $2,000 to $3,000 just to show up! She was talking about what an interesting experience it was to travel with Talan, because when they connected in an airport on the East Coast a lot of people recognized them. She said Talan told her that if anyone asked for pictures or autographs, she should just say they were late for their flight. Oh, Talan, you big star you! She also said he was giving her s--t about some guy she kissed. He was like, "You were up here, but now you're down here," and she was all, "Whatever, Talan, you have a girlfriend! You can't get mad at me." Said girlfriend is, as I told you a couple of weeks ago, Nicole, or Nikki as they call her, the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. Apparently, she and Talan are far more serious than people realize. I guess they've been together for quite a while, and he even went home with her for Easter! They bought a dog together and gave it a Hawaiian name Taylor couldn't pronounce. It starts with a P, she said! Poor Kim Stewart.

From Kelly: What's Laguna Taylor up to besides getting free clothes?
She's home from school for the summer. She and Morgan are pretty much the only two Laguna kids who actually went to college and are still enrolled. She's at the University of Arizona and says she loves it. She's pledging Kappa Alpha Theta. More gossip? Remember L.C.'s best friend Lo from season one? The two don't speak anymore. Something went down. Also, Stephen's off shooting a movie right now. Jessica's still living at home, not going to school, but is doing a lot of appearances and making a lot of cash from it. Plus, I got some good scoop on the new season of Laguna, which they're currently filming. I'll fill you in very soon. Stay tuned, because it sounds addictive. Also, Taylor and Morgan love watching The Hills together, just like we do! They said it's fun to see what L.C. and Jason are up to, because they haven't had much time to catch up with them since they went away to school.

Courtesy of E! Online: watch with kristen
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